4MAT for you - on  a personal level

Maybe you've experienced situations where getting a message across seemed almost impossible - or maybe you've been attending a class or a seminar where you were left with the nagging feeling of just "not getting it"!


Discover your own learning style

With 4MAT you get to discover your own learning style - and those of others. This insight will provide you with tools to fine tune your own communication, and also enable you to create optimal learning envrionments for your self and others.


Your role as a parent

With 4MAT you also get a new framework for understanding your children. You will get new inspiration for better communication with your children and insight into how to motivate them, based on the child's individual learning preferences. For instance, you will be able to make homework a fun and exciting experience for the child.


Your relationship with your partner

4MAT also prepare the grounds for a renewed understanding of your relationship with your partner, where basic differences are turned into positive possibilities for better joint results.


Improving the joy of every day life

Basic insight into the different ways we all learn and communicate comes in handy in most situations we encounter in our daily lives - and makes interacting more fun and enjoyable. 

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