4MAT for organizations

We all have our preferences, right down to the way we learn. Understanding these preferences is essential for being an effective team member. Leaders need to understand not only their own learning preferences, but also that of their team members as well.


Optimize motivation and job satisfaction

Insight into 4MAT's basic learning styles creates a common frame of reference, which prepares the ground for more latitude during training, development and communication and creates improvement of co-operation, motivation and job satisfaction.


Create better results

When learning, development and communication builds on mutual respect and understanding of human differences it also stregthens the general level of the organization's results.


Operational and scalable

4MAT can be introduced as a general framework for learning and development or as a specific tool in regards to a specific area, eg. sales and service, leadership, co-operation, communication etc.

From 4MAT user - to 4MAT Trainer

Employees can be trained at different leves of the 4MAT system. Eg. office/production workers can be trained at the user level - and HR workers as 4MAT Trainers.

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