Learning style

Together, perceiving and processing describes the whole range of the learning and communication experience. All learners engage in all types of learning, but most seem to favor one particular type.


Type 1 - wants to know WHY

The imaginative type likes being absorbed into feelings and spending time reflecting, seeking personal meaning and involvement. Type 1 is focused on personal values for them selves and others and making connections. Favourite question: Why?


Type 2 - wants to know WHAT

The analytic type likes listening to and thinking about information, seeking facts, thinking through ideas, formulating ideas - and learning what the experts think. Favourite question: What?


Type 3 - wants to know HOW

The common sense type likes thinking and doing. Type 3 are most happy experimenting, building and creating usability. They like tinkering and applying useful ideas. Favourite question: How?


Type 4 - wants to find out WHAT IF

The dynamic type likes doing and feeling. They are constantly seeking hidden possibilities and exploring ideas to create original adaptations, they learn by trial and error and self-discovery. Favourite question: What if?




Four Styles

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