4MAT for schools

Every day teachers around the world makes a huge difference for our children. With 4MAT at the core of the learning process, you will be able to design your teaching in a way that ensures a positive impact on ALL students, in the SAME lesson, on the SAME subject!


Taking instruction to a new level 

4MAT provides teachers with a template to design more effective instruction. By designing instruction around the 4MAT 8-step process wheel, instructors engage a wider diversity of students and, in the process, develop a full range of learning skills in all learners.


What teachers say

Over the paste 30 years 4MAT has been used and implemented in numerous schools and organizations with great results, and here is what just a couple of teachers say:


"After 20+ years in the classroom, I thought I'd seen it all. This has turned around the way I think about teaching and learning".


"This is the most impressive, researched based model of teaching I have ever seen or used. This should be offered to ALL teachers".


Raising awareness

4MAT is a powerful tool for raising awareness and understanding of the diverse ways in which people learn, how best to teach all types of learners in the same class room at the same time - and to raise awarenss on those areas where traditional schooling continues to fail assuring success for all students.

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