The method is not intended for psychological analyses. It is a way to map out personal preferences when learning and communicating.


SLP Profile Analysis (How do your students learn)

The SLP (Student Learning Preferences) which is appropriate for middle and high school students, provides a wonderful tool for engaging students in a conversation about how they learn. It's a great resource for teachers, new student orientation sessions, parent training sessions and more.


The student's guide to self-help

The SLP includes a simple, self-test instrument for learners to profile their particular approach to learning, along with information on all the different ways people learn and strategies for becoming more responsible for their own learning.


The teacher's success strategy

One success strategy is to differentiate well. The first step in differentiating instruction is getting to know your learners. The SLP offers a snapshot of who your students are and how they learn. Classroom strategies can then be tailored in a way that all learners needs are met in a balanced and equal way.



15 questions - 30 minutes

This 15-point questionnaire can be administered in about 30 minutes and and provides a point-by-point analysis of the students learning preferences. Vocabulary is suitable for middle and high school students. For college or adult learners, we recommend the LTM assessment tool.




     SLP assessment

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