The method is not intended for psychological analyses; it is a way to map out personal preferences in relation to the use of the right and left cerebral hemisphere.


HMI Assessment (right/left brain preferences)

HMI (Hemispheric Mode Indicator) offers insight into your right and left brain preferences. The Hemispheric Mode Indicator will show you a snapshot of these preferences and how they might be affecting the ways you learn and express understanding.


Right brain preferences (examples)

Creative, subjective, bases primary mental activity and memory on pictures, sees connections and relations.


Left brain preferences (examples)

Analytical, objective, bases primary mental activity and memory on language, sees the relation between cause and effect.


The extra dimention

The result of this assessment is most often used in combination with a context-based assessment, eg. LTM (Learning style) or LBI (Leadership style), for the purpose of providing an extra dimension to the subject - for instance, leadership, communication or learning.



32 questions - 30 minutes

This 32-point questionnaire can be administered in about 30 minutes and provides a point-by-point analysis of right and left brain preferences. Scores are plotted to create a snapshot of processing preferences. Also included are detailed descriptions of right and left mode preferences.




    HMI assessment

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