4MAT - a natural learning cycle

4MAT is a highly validated and world renowned learning and communication tool, developed from a holistic perspective and based on essential human differences regarding how we perceive, process, understand and pass on information. In other words - 4MAT is a method for helping anyone learn anything! It has been used in thousands of teaching settings for over 30 years.


Understanding how people and organizations grow

4MAT is a framework for understanding the way people and organizations learn, communicate and evolve. It provides a common language for understanding the way individuals and groups move through the process of experiencing, assimilating, acting upon and integrating knowledge.


Typology and process method - integrated

The basic framework of 4MAT consists of a process method, visualized by an 8-step process wheel - and a typology based on four basic learning styles - both deeply integrated in each other - and interconnected with highly valuable brain science insights.


Renown theories - combined into a natural cycle

The 4MAT method is developed based on a number of renown theories on human psychology, learning and brain science. The uniquess of 4MAT springs from the way these theories are merged and connected into a natural cycle of learning, that ensures understanding of the core elements of learning and communication.


Successful learning and communication

The purpose of 4MAT is to create and deepen insight regarding learning. You will gain essential insight on individual differences, strengthen your understanding of succesful communication and learn how to create more succesful learning envrionments.

4MAT Procesmodel ENG jpg



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