4MAT - Learn 4 languages in one day

Why does collaboration work so well with some people - and not at all with others? Why does communication seem strained in some situations - and flowing in others? Through this seminar you will find out how you can communicate in a way that allows your messages to reach any type of learning style reciever clearly and effectively.


Successful communication

You will learn how to use 4MATs simple and successful 4 steps method in both your communication - both the written and the oral. With this method you can ensure your message gets through containing all essential elements, such as motivation, content, action and perspective.



- discover your own learning style

  (possibly leadership style too)

- theory on the four 4MAT learning styles

- cerebral hemisphere preferences

- your own hemisphere preferences

- strengths and development opportunities
- focus on diversity and process
- succesful communication and optimal

  development and learning environments
- perspective


arrowhigh Brochure: 4MAT - Learn 4 languages in one day


Duration - variable

This seminar can be tailored to your specific needs, to: half day, a whole day or two days. Content and outcome will vary accordingly. 


For more information
Call Hanne on (+45) 4040 3211 or write to hh@4mat.dk for more information.

- or - join us in a 4MAT Intro webinar
We believe that 4MAT can optimize performance, support successful communication and establish valuable environments for learning and development. But don't take our words for it! Participate in a our one-hour Intro webinar to gain more insight.


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