4MAT MTD Trainer

For schools/educational institutions and companies with their own training departments, it's optimal to educate their own "in house" 4MAT MTD Trainers for the purpose of holding further 4MAT training and -coaching within the organization, and thus minimize costs and secure continious anchoring and implementation.

Dissemination, background, theory & research

The 4MAT MTD Trainer education is based on the dissemination of the 4MAT MTD material it self, as it allows us the opportunity to once again consult 4MAT as a method/typology and also allows us to go into depth with both dissemination, background, theories and research related to the many elements that collectively constitute the natural 4MAT learning cycle.


A 4MAT MTD Trainer achieves the following competencies

- deeper understanding of the natural learning cycle

- manages to bring content to concept level

- designing instruction based on the essential question,

concept and outcome

- communicate concept-based teaching

- equally honoring all types of learning in the teaching

- designing exercises with diversified hemispheric focus

- manage to implement authentic assesment and coaching

of 4MAT users within:

- concept-based teaching

- devising the right essential questions

- lifting the content to the concept level

- linking education equally to all types of learning

- manages to stay neutral related to their own 4MAT profile

- understand the importance of respecting the ethics, responsibility

and personal approach for the dissemination and teaching in

situations where sensitive private information is part of the

dialogue framework.


Prerequisites for participation

Participating in the 4MAT MTD Trainer education requires the student to have accomplished the 4MAT MTD training program, have gained a fair amount of experience with the use of 4MAT and an subjective evaluation/acceptance of 4MAT Group Denmark A/S.


Requirements when participating

Before training start: Reading of Research Guide, Presenter's Guide, MTD manual and Slides. (These materials will be sendt to you in advance).

During module 1: 1-2 hours of home work after each day.

Between module 1 and 2:Design of at least one 4MAT design which has to be submitted to 4MAT Group Denmark before module 2 for evaluation and feedback.

Duration & Price

Duration 4 days (09.00 - 16.30) of which:

- 3 days are teaching and training in facilitation of MTD material

- 1 day are certification

App. 3 weeks between the two modules.


Price pr. person: DK Kr. 19.500,- excl. vat.


Internationally recognized certification

This certification is internationally recognized and gives you the competencies to educate new users of 4MAT at the MTD level.


For more information
Call Hanne on (+45) 4040 3211 or write to hh@4mat.dk for more information.


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