Left and right brain hemispheres - two systems

Scientists and researchers are constantly and continiously deepening the understanding of the human brain and the two different systems (left and right brain) it represents. Normally developed human beeings use both the left and the right brain hemisphere, but most people also seems to have a tendency to - unconsiously - prefere using one to the other. 


Left hemisphere (examples)

Operates best through structure and sequence. Prefers concrete language to pictures or metaphores, is sequential, examines the elements one at a time, has number sense and works to analyze or break down information to useful bits.


Right hemisphere (examples)

Operates best out of personal understanding (being), comprehends images and metaphores easier than concrete words, seeks patterns, creates metaphors, is simultaneous. Strives to synthesize and consolidate information.


The interplay

We all use both sides of the brain - but unconsiously most people have a prefered brain hemisphere, which colors the way we percieve, process and communicate information. The interplay between right and left is crucial to higher learning and thinking. It provides a greater range and depth of understanding and encourages creative expression and problem solving.




Left Right Brain

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