The method is not intended for psychological analysis. It is a way to map out personal preferences when learning and communicating.


LTM Assessment (Learning style)

The LTM (Learning Type Measure) assessment provides a clear and easily understood picture of the clients' prefered style of learning. The purpose is to create a greater insight into oneself and give cause for reflection on strengths and potentials when interacting with others.


Easy to implement

The LTM assessment can be scaled and applied according to what is needed (eg. a sneak preview of styles or thourough process work with groups/teams/individuals). In the USA alone, more than 723,000 people from education, business and government have taken this assessment.


The extra dimention

The LTM is most often used in combination with the HMI (right or left brain preferences), to add an extra dimension to the depth of learning and communication styles.



26 questions - 30 minutes

This 26-point questionnaire can be administered in about 30 minutes and provides a point-by-point analysis of learning preferences. Scores are plotted to create a snapshot of learning style preferences and where in the learning (communicating) cycle you would be most comfortable. The result also indicates personal strengths and weaknesses as a learner/communicator.




     LTM assessment

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