The method is not intended for psychological analyses; it is a way to map out personal preferences in relation to leadership and communication.


LBI Profile analysis (Leadership style)

The LBI (Leadership Behaviour Inventory) provides insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader. These preferences affect your every act as a leader: hiring, motivating others, communicating and creating systems.


Personal leadership

The insight from the LBI can be used as a starting point for your personal discovery and development into the role as a leader. For instance making more conscious choices, keeping focus on the balance between management and leadership and building effective teams that build on the strengths of each member.


The extra dimention

The LBI is most often used in combination with the HMI (right or left brain preferences), to add an extra dimension to the leadership style - and the understanding of it.  



15 questions - 30 minutes

This 15-point questionnaire can be administered in about 30 minutes and provides a point-by-point analysis of leadership style preferences. Scores are plotted to create a snapshot of leadership style. The result also includes a detailed descriptions of the four major leadership styles so you can see, at a glance, areas of strength and areas of challenge.




     LBI assessment

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