We perceive

Human perception - the ways people take in new information - occurs in an infinite variety of ways, all of which range between experience and conceptualization.



To percieve through experience means allowing your self to be absorbed into the immediate now. To let personal engagement, sensations and emotions censor what is happening, without trying to make sence of it by thinking it, nameing it or konceptualizing it.

We also call this place in the process: "12 o'clock". 



To percieve trough conceptualization means to translate the immediate experience of sensation an emotions into conceptual forms, ideas, language - nameing it and placeing it in relation to known hierarchies and systems. Conzeptualizing is an abstract approach to learning, where being apart from it is nessesary to get a "good view" of what it looks like from the outside.

We also call this place in the process: "6 o'clock". 


The interplay

We all do both - but some people prefere to spend most time at "12 o'clock" others at "6 o'clock". Regardless it is the interplay between the "feeling" of experience and the "thinking" of conceptualization which is crucial to the learning and communication process.  





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