Facilitate: "4MAT - 4 languages in one day"

For all our 4MAT Masters (those who completed the 4MAT Mastering Training Design education), we offer the opportunity to teach the official 4MAT Workshop: "4MAT - 4 languages in one day" for their own customers or internally within their organization.


Your role as facilitator
As a 4MAT Master you already know the components of this workshop, so our focus in this workshop wil be to make you ready to facilitate the workshop "4MAT - 4 languages ​​in one day" on your own - for your own customers or internally within your organization.


When you facilitate an official 4MAT workshop, naturally it must be done with official materials too. Therefore at the workshop you will receive an USB with the teacher's power points and a pdf-file with the student manual (which you print according to the number of students in your class). In addition, for each workshop you facilitate, you will need 4MAT profiles and lego (ducks), which you will need to aquire from your official 4MAT Partner.



This workshop is a one day event from 09:00 - 15.00.


-1-2-3 Go!
It could hardly be any easier to get started using 4MAT and all your new competencies as a 4MAT Master - we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


For more information
Call Hanne on (+45) 4040 3211 or write to hh@4mat.dk for more information.



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