4MAT Mastering Training Design

4MAT MTD - is an internationally recognized training programme used worldwide by people who work professionally with learning, development and management.


4MAT is a unique process model, based on a number of highly recognized theories about people development and learning. 4MAT is about the natural learning process and how you can create and/or optimize the learning and development environments.


Basic programme

- the four 4MAT learning styles

- your own learning style

- cerebral hemisphere preferences

- your own hemisphere preferences

- the fundamental theory of 4MAT

- designing and implementing the four

main phases of the learning process:

- to create meaning

- to conceptualize

- to develop and test skills

- to refine, apply and perspectivize


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Qualifies for
- User Agreement: purchase and use of 4MAT profiles
- 4MAT Master Class (if availeble through your 4MAT Partner)
- 4MAT Master Concept - "Learning languages ​​4 at a Day"
- 4MAT Master Workshop - "4MAT Design"
- 4MAT MTD Trainer education

Price & duration of class

Duration 3 days (09:00 - 16.30)

Price pr. person: DKK 13.750, - excl. VAT.

For more information
Call Hanne on (+45) 4040 3211 or write to hh@4mat.dk for more information.


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