Ethics, responsibility and personal approach

A 4MAT Trainer has a great responsibility in relation to teaching, coaching and sharing informations where personal/sensitive information is part of the dialogue framework. It is a big task and balancing act to disseminate the form and content of the 4MAT method in a clear and defined way, while at the same time being able to handle a varied and open approach to all learning styles and brain hemisphere preferences.


Basic guidelines for the personal approach and the responsibility that rests on you as 4MAT Trainer is described below. General and practical rules and principles for ethics regarding the use of 4MAT profiles can be found by following this link.


Confidence and desire for insights
4MAT is a development tool - and development works best when it is based on participant's openness and a personal desire to participate actively, explore and contribute with their own insights and wonder. As a 4MAT Trainer, one of your most noble tasks is that of creating and maintaining this space of trust and desire to participate within your group of students.

This space is best created and maintained by keeping an open and appreciative approach. An approach that creates a basis for dialogue and a mediation which is nuanced and appreciative towards all possible combinations of 4MAT types, learning styles and brain hemisphere preferences, so each and every person feels accepted in full for the unique person he or she is.


Remember you are an expert on 4MAT - the person is the expert on him/her self
Humility is the key word for a 4MAT Trainer who deals with personal test results and other sensitive personal informations. During t
eaching/facilitating it is of critical importance that you interact in a respectful manner when sharing your expert knowledge. Share it on a conceptual and theoretical level, and be constantly aware of taking a humble role in relation to assessing the actual person as such. Let the person be an expert on him/her self.


This humility can be displayed by creating hypotheses, asking questions and/or otherwise open for dialogue that brings the individual's own assessment into light, rather than you as a 4MAT Trainer conclude anything, based on the few sources of personal information insights which has become available to you as a 4MAT Trainer for the person.


4MAT is a method - not the final truth!
4MAT is a tool, a method and a common frame of reference that allows people to generate insights and bring communication, dissemination and understanding of other people to a higher level - for anyone who wants to get involved. But it is not the final answer to everything. Human beings are fortunately more complicated creatures than what the 4MAT frame can systematize. A 4MAT Trainer knows, recognizes and honors that humans ARE NOT their type, learning style or hemisphere preference.


4MAT - get the best out of the tool
Nobody likes to be "put in a box" - and certainly not by others! As a 4MAT Trainer it is of critical importance that you do not categorize, stereo type and tell people what they are! Instead suggest assumptions based on your understanding of the tool/theory, and allow the individual him/her self to make specific assessment and responses regarding them selves. This way, everyone gets the best out of 4MAT.


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