The Complete 4MAT System Model

When the elements and the theories of: Percieve, Process, Learning styles and Brain hemispheres are all combined, we have the framwork of the complete 4MAT system model for instructional development. It entails the use of right and left-brain strategies within four distinct phases of the learning cycle:


1 - experiencing

2 - conceptualizing

3 - applying

4 - creating 


Instructional design

As an instructional design tool, the 4MAT process wheel provides a systematic tool to design teaching, training and communication in a way that supports all learning styles and communication types.


Staff development

As a staff development tool, it offers a clear, sequential path for in-house training programs. And including both a process tool and a typology tool (various personal assessment tools), the use of the 4MAT system can be applied for both individual development, group sessions, team building, task development and organizational change. Further more the common frame of language enables and strenghtens collaboration and the generel enjoyment of work. 




4MAT Model

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